2024 Interior Design and Home Décor Trends

2024 Interior Design and Home Décor Trends

Is updating your home aesthetic on your list of resolutions this year? Whether you’re looking to refresh your kitchen, reimagine your living room, or take an overall redesign approach to your home décor, we’ve put together a list of the top interior design trends that have been predicted for 2024 to give you a little inspiration. Be sure to check out our gallery at the end of this blog for more ideas!

Kitchens are going bold and a little bit kitschy

Gone are the days of millennial white. In 2024 we want our spaces to pop, and that is especially true for the home’s main gathering place, the kitchen where things are going to get a little eccentric and—dare we say?—kitschy. That’s what Pinterest is calling it in their 2024 Pinterest Predicts trends, with users searching for ways to bring a lot more personality to this room.

Think greens, pinks, and yellows combined with eclectic décor and a retro vibe. An Insider runner from Porte + Hall is the perfect way to bring this kitchsy trend to your kitchen. For that retro vibe, check out The Insider in Retro Orange. We also love a bold green, like The Insider in Fans Green. It’s a little bit 60s, a little bit 50s, a little bit 2024.

Stark greys and whites are out; warm neutrals are in

Bold colors aren’t for everyone, and if that’s you, don’t worry. Neutrals still have a place in 2024 design trends, but the stark whites and greys that have dominated Zillow, Houzz, and Pinterest for the past few years are on their way out according to Houzz’s 2024 design forecast.

Creamy off-whites and rich browns are the new neutral color palette, creating a cozier and calmer space. But neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. Interesting patterns and textures add an unexpected visual layer to your interior design. With the Insider, you can choose from a variety of patterns for your area mats, runners, and interior doormats, all with a warm and inviting aesthetic, like the Insider in Maze Biscotti and Bark Crème.

Go natural with browns and earth tones

In line with this warmer trend, natural color palettes are back this year. Brown kitchen cabinets are in along with soft greens and animal patterns—like The Insider in Crocodile Sand. Woven textures are also a natural fit for this trend, blending seamlessly with wood floors while adding a soft depth to the space. The Innerweave in both Chevron Natural and Tiger’s Eye Natural can help you tap into this trend. Add an indoor doormat in a single pattern or mix and match for even more variety.

Black, moody and western themes are getting their day in the sun

Pinterest is calling this trend “Western Gothic,” and for those of you who don’t love neutrals, earth tones, or bright pops of color, you’ll be glad to know deep moody hues are in this year, too, along with western design touches like antlers and leather.

The Insider in Wild Side Sable combines darker colors with animal print, bringing this trend to life, while The Innerweave in Chevron Dark Grey goes all-out moody, nicely accenting darker furniture pieces.

Herringbone is back

According to Houzz, herringbone is making a comeback in 2024 across the board, from kitchen and bath wall tiles to herringbone floors. At Porte + Hall, we never think herringbone goes out of style, which is why we offer The Insider in Herringbone Grey. Adding an area mat is an easy way to bring this trend into your home that compliments your existing décor.

Eco-conscious design choices

More and more consumers care about where their interior design products come from and what impact they have on the environment. That’s why we recently launched The Outlier. Not only is this doormat made to stand up to the elements with flexible and rubbery bristles, but it’s also made in the USA and is 100% recyclable. Simply send it back to us when it’s reached the end of its life, and we’ll turn it into a new mat.