First impressions matter.
For both you and your visitors.

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Imagine your entry with a doormat that’s actually pretty.

Stafford created Porte + Hall with a passion for design and a deep desire to help others articulate their personal story. Our homes welcome friends, create memories, and give shelter to everyone and everything we hold dear. As an interior designer, Stafford found a lack of doormat options to create that sense of arrival. So, she decided to be the change she wanted to see.

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We believe that form and function are not mutually exclusive

Getting to the products that you see today was a long process. Our mats needed to perform and hold up to the elements, foot traffic, and hundreds of wipes and stomps. Our colors had to be vibrant. Our textures had to last. Our mats needed to be easy to maintain. We stand on our mats because they deliver.


We believe that small updates can make big changes to your life

Porte + Hall is inspired by all that brings us together. It celebrates the spirit of invitation and embodies the experience you get when you step inside your door, a feeling that whispers you’re home. Your front door is the first impression of the lives inside. What will your doorstep tell the world?

We believe in problem-solving through innovation

We're proud to launch our first 100% US-made and manufactured product in 2023. Every day is an opportunity to learn and grow, so check back with us as we continue to work towards adding even more people and planet-friendly materials to our collections.

Fan motif

"I believe deeply in your home's ability to brighten your mood and outlook.”


The Meaning Of Our Logo

Porte + Hall believes that sending out a beautiful first impression draws good people into your life. We were inspired by the intricate patterns created in the sand by the white-spotted puffer fish.  Their beautiful creations attract mates and later protect their offspring. Beauty meets functionality!

Meet Stafford, founder of Porte + Hall

“In my 20 years as an interior designer, I struggled to source entry mats that were as well-designed and functional as the rest of the home. I was bewildered by the scarcity of options. Why was the first thing to greet you at your door not important? So I decided to design my own - because first impressions matter, for you and your guests. Welcome to our collection and we hope you walk all over us!”