5 Ways to Create Moody Interiors in Your Home

5 Ways to Create Moody Interiors in Your Home

Moody interiors are in for 2024. That means darker colors, statement pieces, and striking contrasts. We’ve put together five tips on how to leverage this trend in your space. Be sure to check out the gallery at the bottom of this post for inspiration!

Building a Dark Color Palette

When it comes to moody interior design, color is everything. When we’re talking moodier spaces, think blacks, dark blues, and deep greens and purples. For accent colors, you can work with bold options like a rich orange or a soft brown. When building your color palette, choose two key colors and three accent colors. Need a little help? The PANTONE Studios app is a great tool for this.

Don’t have the time or budget for a full paint refresh? Dark accent walls can completely change the feel of a space and serve as a strong foundation for a moody color palette. You can also add dark mats or rugs like The Innerweave in Chevron Dark Grey.

Create Variety with Striking Patterns

The trend toward dark interiors brings with it striking patterns. Think patterned wallpaper and rugs that add visual texture to a space. With patterns—like florals or animal print—you can add a little bit of lighter accent colors into a darker space to keep things moody rather than oppressive. The Insider in Wild Side Sable or Wild Side Slate are great options for this.

Choose Statement Pieces

Moody design is all about romance, and statement pieces can serve as an anchor for your rooms. We’re talking rich velvet sofas and thick drapes, statement art pieces, and standout runners and area mats. Select pieces that leverage your accent colors to bring the full palette to life. The Insider in Retro Orange is one of our favorite styles for moody décor, adding a rich pop of color in a darker room.

Add a Little Contrast

When designing a moody interior, it’s not all about the dark colors and vibes. You need to create contrast to make the space feel cohesive. That can look like pairing dark furniture with lighter accent pillows or deep-hued kitchen cabinets with a contrasting floor runner. The Insider in Crocodile Sand or Maze Biscotti give you a lighter, neutral feel in a dark room.

Balance Dark Colors with Natural Elements

Similar to adding contrast through lighter colors, you can leverage natural elements to balance out your moody color palette. That can be rich woods in your floors or furniture, luscious houseplants like a fiddle leaf fig or monstera, or a woven aesthetic underfoot. The Innerweave comes in a variety of patterns and colors that can bring a hand-woven look to your space while being easy to clean and maintain.