Apartment Aesthetic: 3 Different Looks to Suit Your Place

Apartment Aesthetic

It’s often said that we shape our homes and then our homes shape us. 

We like to think of apartments as something of a backdrop. We look back at old photos and notice what’s on the walls, what’s on the floors, and furnishings. Now, when we curate our apartments, we keep in mind that it can show up as the scene of an impromptu instagram photoshoot, or the background of a cherished family photo. We want that background to reflect our own aesthetic as much as possible, which can seem daunting. But, just a few cohesive ideas can really improve your apartment’s overall look. 

If you’re moving into a new place or simply want to spruce up your current digs, here are some tips for your apartment aesthetic.

Apartment Aesthetic: What to Know First 

When decorating your apartment, there are some practical considerations that can be headache-inducing, but our design team at Porte + Hall has got you covered.

For example, apartments are notorious for having very low clearance underneath the entry door. The upside of that low clearance is reduced hallway noise from rowdy neighbors. The downside is having to frequently contend with a jammed door mat. That’s why we designed our door mats to be thin, precisely for that low clearance. 

Another consideration is foot traffic: Do you use strollers, rolling luggage, wheelchairs, or a rolling grocery cart thingy? Then you’ll want a mat that doors and wheels will glide right over without getting stuck, or the mat bunching up. Our ultra-thin Insider door mats solve that problem, and are a nice-looking accent piece to boot!

Most entry areas of apartments can serve as a foyer, a living room, a service porch, and in the case of a studio, as the bedroom itself. The entryways of our apartments are where we literally “hang our hat,” shake out the snow, take off our coats, and deposit our keys and bags–all while decompressing from work and turning our attention towards getting cozy. We’ve got the functionality covered with our slip-resistant and water-absorbent mats, but the look and style are all up to you. Luckily, you have a ton of options.

Apartment Aesthetics 

1. Natural, Subtle, and Textural

If your apartment’s vibe is a little more understated you may want to think about going with some of our natural patterns. Think of your flooring as a frame for your indoor mats and runners, adding texture and warmth without standing out too much busy noise. Natural, earthy tones can add depth to your space as well as coordinate well with a variety of flooring materials. We especially love the following pairings: 

Customers (and we agree) love how Innerweave's “natural” and “taupe” styles go with wood floors, lending the floors a warm, Scandinavian hygge vibe.

If you have stone floors or light wood floors, or Innerweave’s “Stone” style can add depth without screaming “look at me right now!”.

2. Patterns Add interest in Neutral Tones

Maybe you want to spice up your space, but your home is neutral and you don’t want to make a huge statement with too much color.

Our advice is to incorporate some fun patterns within a neutral palette. Pick patterns in colors that complement the space (think gray, white, creme, beige) and add visual interest while maintaining your apartment’s low profile. Some of our favorites from the Insider collection:

Bark, Creme

Bark, Grey

Bark, Graphite

Herringbone, Grey

Wild Side, Dove 

Wild Side, Sable

Wild Side, Slate

Apartment Aesthetic

3. Add a Pop of Color and Pattern

Let’s face it, entries in apartments (especially those that are rented) can feel impersonal at best and drab at worst. How can you add a little vibrancy?  There’s no easier way to make an apartment home feel more personal (and alive) than adding a fun pattern and color to your entry mat. Some of our favorites:

Retro Orange

Bizou Denim

Maze Navy

Maze Red

Upside Down Blue

Fans Blue

Fans Green

Make your Apartment Feel Like Home

At Porte and Hall we’re very conscious of the variety of vibes and aesthetics out there. And the beauty of decorating an apartment is that it’s truly a blank slate. You can go for anything from a rustic little farmhouse style to a coastal surf shack aesthetic, all in the same space! Thought, effort, and emotion should go into the colors and patterns that best match the overall vibe you’re trying to create. Whether you’re into a more neutral design or going for bright patterns, these tips will help make your apartment more beautiful.