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If your home is anything like mine right now, it features piles of paper, numerous notebooks, what seems like dozens of devices. And people... people are everywhere.

Our homes have suddenly become our offices and our classrooms. At first the situation seemed temporary, but as of late 2020, it was estimated that 42% of the American labor force was still logging on from home. And according to the Census Bureau, nearly 93% of people with school-age kids have been “remote learning” at some point since last spring.

How to bring order to this Work From Home/School From Home chaos? Think small. Many people are carving out dedicated little spaces: under the stairs, in a closet. Perhaps a "corner office" in a corner of the family room. (My husband is currently holed up in our attic. He seems happy?)

Our interior collection of mats provides a small shift that can make a big impact. Our runners and area rug mats are kid-friendly and create a quick and easy "room" within a room. They're so low-profile that office chairs roll right over them. We're all ready for a change of scene right about now. Who knew we could make it happen right in our own homes?

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The Innerweave - Chevron (Stone) / Doormat
indoor Outdoor
Available in 3 Sizes.
Size Doormat Runner Area Mat

The Innerweave

135 reviews
3 Sizes 9 Styles

Inside or outside, this thick, luxurious weave is soft underfoot.