How To Find The Best Doormat For Your Home

Best Doormat

The right mat can make a big impact. Floors are often overlooked, especially in entryways where traditionally, they've been an afterthought. But, if you think about it–they're a blank canvas waiting to be filled with colors and patterns that express your personal style. What better way to enter guests and family into your home than to set the bar high with the best doormat that wows them and makes them see the entry for what it is, an extension of your style? The best part? You can change the mood and energy easily with minimal effort. Just switch out your mat. First impressions matter, and the right mat can set the tone for the rest of your home. Lucky for you, we've put together a simple how-to guide for picking the best doormat.

Indoor or Outdoor Mat? (Hint: You Need Both!) or (Both, duh!)

Why choose one when you have two opportunities to liven up your entryway AND protect your home from the elements? An outdoor welcome mat connects with the outdoor aesthetic of your home and scrapes your shoes clean to keep dirt and grime outside where it belongs. An indoor door mat welcomes people in and absorbs moisture before it gets on your floors.

Let's get started with the first line of defense: the outdoor mat. 

The Best Outdoor Mat: Form and Function

Throw away the tired "Welcome" mat that's shedding on your front stoop (eww) and replace it with a beautiful, durable, and, best of all, washable showpiece. But before you go all in, here are some things to consider when picking the best outdoor mat for your home.

How big is your door?

Size matters. We like an outdoor mat to align closely with the door frame. Too small or big, and it'll throw off the proportions of your entryway. Double or french doors can be tricky. The best option is a mat large enough to span both doors, but you can also center a large mat or place a smaller mat in front of the most often-used door.

What's the weather and ground like in your area?

Picking the best front doormat depends on your climate. If your region has a lot of rain or snow, we're sorry–just kidding! In all seriousness, you'll want a mat that drains well and can get the bottoms of your shoes good and clean. If you live in a hot and dry climate, you'll want a fan, good A/C, and linen clothes. You'll also need to pick a color that matches the dirt, so you don't have to clean your mat as often.

Covered or uncovered?

Is your front entry exposed to the elements or covered by a porch or awning? If exposed, don't be embarrassed. You'll want to pay close attention to the mat's ability to drain water and dry quickly. Also, for warmer climates, you'll want a mat that's colorfast (doesn't fade).

What's your style?

We know that question seems personal, but the best doormat works well with the design aesthetic of your entire home. First, consider your home's exterior palette: your siding color, door color, and flooring color. Then, pick a doormat that works with these colors or power clashes. Remember, sometimes a pop of bright color can be just what your home needs!

Now that you've scraped the dirt off your shoes in style let's move inside!

The Best Indoor Mat: Strut Your Stuff

Whether you're in an apartment with a small entryway, a large house with a formal foyer, or for the lucky few, a dedicated mudroom, your indoor mat is a great way to add style and keep moisture off your floors. Here are the most important factors to consider when choosing your perfect indoor mat.

How big is your entryway/foyer/mudroom? While a standard "doormat," usually around 18" x30", works for most entry doors, if you've got the room, consider a runner or larger area mat. They add visual interest and provide more runway to capture dirt and moisture.

What is your door's clearance?

Do your mats tend to bunch up and get stuck on the bottom of your door? Ugh! If so, you may have a door with low clearance. Pay close attention to the distance your door swings above your floor, and make sure your mat fits underneath.

How well will it protect your floors?

Ideally, your indoor mat is a superhero that can absorb moisture without transferring it to the floor underneath. First, make sure you choose the right material. Natural grasses, like sisal and jute, can stink when wet and dry, slowly causing mold and potential floor damage. They may look pretty, but you'll want to opt for a material that dries quickly, doesn't smell, is stain-resistant, and is easy to clean.

What color and pattern?

Love your floors? Pick a color that accentuates them! Hate your flooring material? Pick a pattern that pops to move the focus away from the floors. You also need to think about the type of traffic you get. Lighter shades can be attractive but will need to be cleaned more often. Darker colors or patterns will camouflage more real-life debris. Are you adding a mat to a sleepy mudroom? A strong design can liven up any space.

Indoor, outdoor, and everything in between. Now you have the knowledge to choose the best mat for your home. But where can you find it?

Finding the Best Doormat Starts Here!

Not to brag, but our outdoor doormats and indoor mats check all the boxes. They're beautiful, wildly durable, and clean up like a dream. There's absolutely no catching or bunching under the door (we promise), and our colors are fade-resistant. You thought we were done? Nope. Our mats stay in place and stick where they're supposed to without deteriorating. Plus, they suck up moisture and keep the mess from spreading through your home. Yes, they're an investment, but with Porte + Hall, you're getting the best. Trust us, we took a long time developing and perfecting our mats, and now nothing else compares. So start decorating your home with functional mats that do more!