The Inspo for Our Logo

The Inspo for Our Logo

Our logo is inspired by the intricate sand circles created by a crazy breed of male pufferfish that lives off the coast of Japan. How does that relate to a collection of entry mats from Porte + Hall? We have more in common than you may think.

Here's How The Patterns Are Made:

It takes the male pufferfish up to a week to create their designs, which measure about 7 feet in diameter (despite the puffer’s 5 inch size). The females swim by analyzing the work and the most appealing design and its designer get lucky (talk about female empowerment). But this incredible marvel doesn’t stop there. Those patterns in the sand also serve as a protective bed for the newly laid eggs, which the male then sticks around to protect for the next week. Beauty, meet functionality.

Porte + Hall believes that sending out a beautiful first impression will draw people in.  And great design can also serve a great purpose (keeping the dirt out of your home). So what better inspiration for our logo than our kindred spirit, the white-spotted pufferfish?  What we can’t promise is that you’ll score a new partner. You might need more than a entry mat for that.


*Image Courtesy of Minden Pictures