The View from My Porch

View from the Porch

There are not a lot of places that lend themselves to nostalgia, quite like a porch. We all have memories of sitting with friends and family, taking pictures before major milestones (high school dances, anyone?), or simply enjoying the neighborhood. Turns out, the porch has been around far longer than our memories reach, and its rich history shows just how meaningful a porch truly is. Not to hit you with too much history, but "porch" comes from the Greek word "portico," an entry to a classical temple. Over time, it has been used interchangeably with the terms "veranda," "loggia," and "lanai."

Just think, now you can sound super knowledgeable (if not slightly pretentious) when you call out to a neighboring room where you're going. All of these terms for "porch" describe outdoor spaces and passageways where people can enter or linger–because how could you not? Modern architects and home builders all over say that outdoor space is home buyers' top priority right now. We get it, fresh air is a priceless commodity, and when trying to cool off outside, nothing compares to a comfortable porch and the view it provides. Ahhh. 

View from the Porch

What A Porch Means To Us

At Porte + Hall, we want to help you make those outdoor areas functional and beautiful. Front stoop to front hall. Back deck to kitchen. All of your outdoor spaces are extensions of your home. But what's extra cool about porches is they are an in-between space that's half yard/nature and half home. They're a bridge between the rest of the world and the possibilities that await, but they also bring us to our safe place, where we take shelter and find respite from the day's busyness. A porch is a perch where you can watch the world go by. Our mats are here to clean your feet (sure, that's table stakes), but they also set the tone for what awaits within. We were inspired to make mats that you spend time with every day–from mere moments to hours (we know, weather dependent), but we're also inspired by what they represent: hospitality and comfort. We'd be so honored to be a part of your future memories.

The Purpose of Outdoor Mats

The front door is the first gate to your home, and the door mat protects it from unwanted dirt and moisture. The door mat is also the first expression of your home that your guests see before they come inside. Hi, by the way. It helps guests to feel welcome and confident–because they’re not tracking dirt through your house. Our goal is to provide a mat that contains an artful expression of beauty that’s never been thought of before. Our mats also have greater functionality than any other door mat on the market. So as you step outside to start your day, you’ll be comfortable and happy with the view from your porch. Our mats are pretty much a frame for you–and who doesn’t like that view?

How to Select the Right Mat Based on Your Porch

Every house and porch is different and requires a unique door mat. Don't stress. We've got it covered. Even an apartment deserves a great door mat! Whether you have a porch, a stoop, a doorway, French doors, a door that swings low or high, covered or uncovered, our outside door mats are perfect for keeping the inside of your home clean and dry. Our mats are the bookends for your daily life. It's the first thing that welcomes you into your day when you head out and the last step outdoors when you return home. Our mats are meeting places for the start and end of every adventure. The best part? It will also help to make cleaning up after your adventures an afterthought!


Come Together On Your Porch

A door mat is the perfect centerpiece on a porch. It's where you, your friends, your pets, or your kids can congregate, plan, and play. Whether you have a veranda, a loggia, a lanai, a porch swing, patio set, or simply a stoop, a proper outdoor mat brings everything and everyone together. Now, wipe your feet on the mat, sit, and stay a while, the iced tea is on the way, and the view from the porch is a sight to behold.