Greet Your Feet

Thoughtfully designed indoor and outdoor mats.

Our patented Outsider is built to last. Oh, and looks great, too.

We’ve Got Your Back

Not only do Porte + Hall mats look great in your home, but they work so well. Unlike your typical rug, which can slip and slide even with a separate pad underneath, ours stay put. Each has a specialized backing that won't harm your floors.

Here’s how our collections make a big impact behind (or under) the scenes:

The Outsider

Our outdoor mat has not one, but two effective backings. First, the hidden honeycomb rubber base drains the rain from your doorstep. In addition, the Outsider insert backing is waterproof and made from recycled materials.

The Insider

This proprietary backing has so many strengths: it stays put, blocks moisture, leaves no marks on your floor and is thin enough for every door swing.

The Innerweave

The high quality latex backing on this woven wonder keeps everything in place, whether you are inside or outside your home.